Airwaves Episode 1


What have we learned about best-practice airway management in COVID-19?

What have been the pre-hospital challenges in airway management during COVID-19?

What changes has COVID-19 forced upon us that we should retain in the future?









Jon Gatward @jgatward

Intensivist, Sydney, Australia

President, Safe Airway Society

Co-author, SAS COVID Airway Guidelines


Anoushka Perera @noushperera

Emergency Physician, Geelong, Australia

Simulation Instructor

Medical Educator


David Brewster @drdavidbrewster

Intensivist/Anaesthetist, Melbourne, Australia

Board Member, SAS

Lead author, SAS COVID Airway Guidelines

Airway Researcher

Andy Higgs @AndyHiggsGAA

Intensivist/Anaesthetist, Warrington, UK

Board Member, SAS

Co author, SAS COVID Airway Guidelines

Co author, DAS/AA/ICS/FICM/RCOA COVID Airway Guidelines

Alan Eade ASM @alan_eade

Chief Paramedic Officer (Safer Care Victoria)

Intensive Care (MICA) Paramedic (Ambulance Victoria)

Erin Foulsham

Clinical Nurse Educator, Anaesthesia, Sydney, Australia






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